“Soothe My Soul” Video

Shades of the videos of “Question Of Time” and “Strangelove” in the “Soothe My Soul” video which also features nudity.

Depeche Mode ‘Live On Letterman” webcast March, 11th 2013

CBS Interactive’s award-winning webcast concert series, LIVE ON LETTERMAN, kicks off 2013 with Depeche Mode performing tracks from their soon to be released album, “Delta Machine”.

Track listing
00:00 Intro
01:18 Angel
05:30 Should Be Higher
10:50 Walking In My Shoes
17:20 Barrel Of A Gun
23:05 Heaven
26:40 Personal Jesus
32:00 Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
35:35 Soothe My Soul
41:30 Enjoy The Silence

Depeche Mode ‘Live On Letterman” webcast March… by _deaddy

Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine Track-By-Track Preview

Delta Machine Track By Track Preview

“So this is only an instant, snap appraisal, and who knows, repeated listens may reveal flaws. But for now, Delta Machine roars out of the traps as a supremely confident album by a reinvigorated, inventive Depeche Mode. It isn’t, of course, VCMG with vocals, and there are threads here from the more recent albums. But texturally this is a very rich electronic record, rough around the edges and a huge amount of fun – there is some of the campest Depeche Mode material in here since their earliest days. I’d hazard to guess that my initial assessment of this as the best, most powerful, gothic, twisted, electronic album since Violator.”

“Through That Darkness You’ll Find the Light”: A.J. Samuels interviews Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan

 A.J. Samuels interviews Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan

Highlights from the interview:

“So we decided to shop around and Sony came up with the best offer to make sure Daniel is still around for us, and to make sure we were able to gain control of what we’re doing. Most importantly, in 2015, we’ll be able to get control of our entire catalogue. We’ll own it. It won’t be in limbo. After *Delta Machine*, we’ll be in real control. For us, Daniel’s one of the most important parts of what we do. He’s a constant and we want to keep it that way.”

“At the end of the album, after we worked on “Long Time Lie” together, Martin asked me “Would you be interested in me sending you things to write to?” And I was like, “If it’s as abstract as just sending me interesting sounds or chords and atmosphere, then yeah, I’ll come up with the rest.” I can sit down and work out songs and chords, but I prefer bouncing ideas off someone else. I think it was Martin’s way of complementing me that I’m a good enough songwriter now. That after ten years he feels like we’re on the same kind of page.”

New Depeche Mode Single “Heaven” Premieres On KROQ

The new Depeche Mode single, “Heaven,” received an exclusive premiere on the KROQ site today. Having given it a listen, we must express that it deviates from the typical Depeche Mode sound, taking on a slow rock style that lacks the characteristic essence of the band. Regrettably, we find the song uninspiring and rather dull, not befitting the status of a single and appearing more suitable as a B-side. The release of such a subdued track leaves us somewhat perplexed.

In contrast to our expectations, Martin Gore asserts that the upcoming album harks back to the band’s glory days. “It’s got a bit of a feel of Violator on some of the songs and a feel of Songs of Faith and Devotion on other songs,” he stated. However, this description seems incongruent with the new single, as “Heaven” doesn’t align with the distinctive styles of Violator or Songs Of Faith and Devotion. It appears that Gore’s reference is directed toward the other tracks on the forthcoming album rather than the released single.

Here is the link to the song on KROQ

The B-side to “Heaven” is “All That’s Mine” which you can listen to below:

DEPECHE MODE – All That’s Mine (2013 B-side) from Videodrome Discothèque Vault 2 on Vimeo.

New Depeche Mode Album “Delta Machine” Out On March 26, 2013

The new CD will be called Delta Machine, out March 26.

Delta Machine:
01 Welcome to My World
02 Angel
03 Heaven
04 Secret to the End
05 My Little Universe
06 Slow
07 Broken
08 The Child Inside
09 Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
10 Should Be Higher
11 Alone
12 Soothe My Soul
13 Goodbye
Bonus disc:
01 Long Time Lie
02 Happens All the Time
03 Always
04 All That’s Mine

HEAVEN will be released on video Feb 1 with international distribution to follow.

More details, including covers at depechemode.com