Martin Gore Hints At New Depeche Mode Album

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Martin Gore talks about reuniting with Vince Clarke for the VCMG project and at the end of the interview dropped big hints at a new Depeche Mode album:

What else have you been working on recently? Is there a new Depeche Mode album in the works?
We finished this project last May or something. Since then I’ve been working on writing songs for Depeche. And we are about to embark on a whole new project. We’re starting in the studio at the end of March, hoping to have an album finished by the end of the year, and then probably getting to the whole touring process in 2013.

I think it’s too early, really, to talk about [the record], because everybody is quite happy with the actual sound of the demos, which is quite reassuring and a bit of a novelty. We feel like we’ve got a head start on this album before we even got to the studio. It probably won’t be out until spring next year.”

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