New Depeche Mode Single “Heaven” Premieres On KROQ

The new Depeche Mode single, “Heaven,” received an exclusive premiere on the KROQ site today. Having given it a listen, we must express that it deviates from the typical Depeche Mode sound, taking on a slow rock style that lacks the characteristic essence of the band. Regrettably, we find the song uninspiring and rather dull, not befitting the status of a single and appearing more suitable as a B-side. The release of such a subdued track leaves us somewhat perplexed.

In contrast to our expectations, Martin Gore asserts that the upcoming album harks back to the band’s glory days. “It’s got a bit of a feel of Violator on some of the songs and a feel of Songs of Faith and Devotion on other songs,” he stated. However, this description seems incongruent with the new single, as “Heaven” doesn’t align with the distinctive styles of Violator or Songs Of Faith and Devotion. It appears that Gore’s reference is directed toward the other tracks on the forthcoming album rather than the released single.

Here is the link to the song on KROQ

The B-side to “Heaven” is “All That’s Mine” which you can listen to below:

DEPECHE MODE – All That’s Mine (2013 B-side) from Videodrome Discothèque Vault 2 on Vimeo.