Delta Machine

New Depeche Mode Album “Delta Machine” Out On March 26, 2013

The new CD will be called Delta Machine, out March 26.

Delta Machine:
01 Welcome to My World
02 Angel
03 Heaven
04 Secret to the End
05 My Little Universe
06 Slow
07 Broken
08 The Child Inside
09 Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
10 Should Be Higher
11 Alone
12 Soothe My Soul
13 Goodbye
Bonus disc:
01 Long Time Lie
02 Happens All the Time
03 Always
04 All That’s Mine

HEAVEN will be released on video Feb 1 with international distribution to follow.

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New Depeche Mode Song

During a press conference in Paris on Tuesday, October 23, an unnamed new song was unveiled. You can listen to the track in the accompanying music video below:

The band mentioned that they have around 20 new songs but haven’t yet decided which ones will make it to the as-yet-unnamed new Depeche Mode album. In addition to this, they announced the European tour dates, set to commence on May 7th, 2013. Interestingly, fans were already aware of the tour dates as they were leaked before the official press conference. For those interested, the entire 41-minute press conference can be viewed here:

Further Confirmations of Depeche Mode’s New Album & Tour In 2013

“Depeche Mode manager Jonathan Kessler explained that Gahan is now fully immersed in his day job. He is recording the new Depeche album in Santa Barbara, California, where Martin Gore resides, for an April 2013 release with a full world tour to follow, according to Kessler.”

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Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Confirms New Album & Tour In 2013

Get ready for a lot of new Depeche Mode in 2013. Dave Gahan spoke with Spinner about the group’s future plans once he and Martin Gore are done with their side projects.

Dave Gahan reveals the legendary synth-pop band already has demoed about 20 new songs for its as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2009′s Sounds of the Universe — and already is making plans to take the new songs on the road next year.

In a short interview with Spin, Gahan reports that DM has reconvened with Ben Hillier, who produced Sounds of the Universe and 2005′s Playing the Angel, and also has enlisted the help of producer Christoffer Berg (Fever Ray, The Knife).

“We’ve probably got 20 songs demoed. Some of the songs are in really good shape, some need some work, but we’re definitely on track.

“We have a deadline of the end of November, and there’s no reason we why we won’t meet that at the rate we’re going”

Gahan also says that “There are already plans in place to be touring next year.”.

As for the addition of Berg to the DM studio team, Gahan said, “He’s a great musician and has a lot of fantastic ideas. He’s not afraid to stand up and say, ‘I got an idea.’ I like that. It’s quite intimidating working with a band like ours because you have certain expectations of how it is. A lot are true and some aren’t. Martin and I are open to other people’s ideas.”

Last week, Depeche Mode who was supposed to begin work on its 13th studio album, which Martin L. Gore has said will be out “no later than early 2013.” released the first video evidence that the group is at work on its next LP by releasing a 43-second time-lapse video of the band’s synths and other gear being set up in a studio. Check it out below:

KROQ interview with Martin Gore

In a recently released interview with KROQ, available on their site today, Martin Gore delves into various topics, including his enduring friendship with founding Depeche Mode member and current collaborator on the VCMG techno project, Vince Clarke. He also shares his reaction to Depeche Mode being acknowledged as a significant influence on the current electronic dance movement (EDM). Additionally, for eager Depeche Mode fans, there’s an update on the progress of the highly anticipated new album. It’s indeed an interesting read for those intrigued by the latest insights from Martin Gore.

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Martin Gore Hints At New Depeche Mode Album

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Martin Gore talks about reuniting with Vince Clarke for the VCMG project and at the end of the interview dropped big hints at a new Depeche Mode album:

What else have you been working on recently? Is there a new Depeche Mode album in the works?
We finished this project last May or something. Since then I’ve been working on writing songs for Depeche. And we are about to embark on a whole new project. We’re starting in the studio at the end of March, hoping to have an album finished by the end of the year, and then probably getting to the whole touring process in 2013.

I think it’s too early, really, to talk about [the record], because everybody is quite happy with the actual sound of the demos, which is quite reassuring and a bit of a novelty. We feel like we’ve got a head start on this album before we even got to the studio. It probably won’t be out until spring next year.”

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