Depeche Mode Opens Delta Machine World Tour at Nice, France

Depeche Mode launched their Delta Machine world tour on May 4, 2013, at Le Palais Nikaia, Nice, France, treating fans to a lengthy setlist of 24 tracks. The concert featured old favorites like ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Black Celebration’ but notably omitted ‘But Not Tonight.’

Setlist: Depeche Mode, Le Palais Nikaia, Nice, France, 5/4/13

1. “Welcome to My World”
2. “Angel”
3. “Walking in My Shoes”
4. “Precious”
5. “Black Celebration”
6. “Policy of Truth”
7. “Should Be Higher”
8. “Barrel of a Gun”
9. “Higher Love”
10. “The Child Inside”
11. “Heaven”
12. “Soothe My Soul”
13. “A Pain That I’m Used To”
14. “A Question of Time”
15. “Secret to the End”
16. “Enjoy the Silence”
17. “Personal Jesus”
18. “Goodbye”

19. “A Question of Lust”
20. “Halo” (Goldfrapp Remix)
21. “Just Can’t Get Enough”
22. “I Feel You”
24. “Never Let Me Down Again”

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